Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today I...

Tidied my bedroom. Had the girls tidy their bedroom. Began to pare down my craft supplies. Filled 3 big rubbish bags of junk. Filled 2 boxes of paper for recycling. Filled 3 large boxes of clothes that don't really fit me or that the girls don't wear anymore. Still lots of work to do in the office, but a good afternoon in there tomorrow should see me right:-) Love that I am going to sleep in a tidy and comparitavely empty bedroom. Bliss.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Tea Towel Swap

Janine set up a fun tea towel swap. We all need them, why not have ones that look good! I love the parcel that arrived at my house today, loved the packaging (I love doilies), loved the teatowels - yes two of them, not just one! and a cool tea cup and strainer chain too. Such nice treats to open. I promptly used the cup on my return from work.
Below is what I sent. It's our eating that creates I made a little 'afternoon delights' recipe book with a few of my favourite afternoon tea treats written in. I packaged it in baking paper and nested the gifts in a cake tin I picked up at the Salvation Army. I had to buy some sugar just so I could use the Pams sugar packaging for the recipe booklet.

Thanks heaps for a setting up a great swap Janine!
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Monday, March 05, 2012

From the Kitchen

Recently 4 people from our church celebrated birthdays so I finally had a go at making a rainbow cake. I did use a vanilla cake mix and just added the colours. I made the lemon butter cream icing from scratch. The white outside makes the bright inside all the more exciting for people to cut into.

The kids have taken a night each for cooking. Katya has taken on the 'pasta' chef role and this is the second time she has made our pasta from scratch. Love that we can use eggs from our hens (Dotti, Daisy & Firey) and I like that we can make it with wholemeal flour or stoneground flour to make it a little more natural than store bough stuff. As well as the pasta the kids have made meatballs, spag bol, baked potatoes and vegetable slice. Alicia is doing food technology at the Hilton through school at the moment and is loving what she learned. She made a pizza last week - blue cheese, purple onions and smoked chicken - the chef was surprised at her choices. She's loved blue cheese since she was just over 1!
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