Sunday, January 09, 2011

Last week

I made some more castile soap - with lemon grass essential oil this time.  It's now drying - the worst part is waiting for it to be ready to use.  Have loved using the last batch with a slight lavender smell or rather a nana smell according to Kim!

The girls used some of their pocket money to purchase some littlest pet shop blythe doll sets and set to creating some bunk beds and furniture for them.  We found a suitable house at the Salvation Army store in Saturday morning.

And then there's Henry.  Jase has never wanted another cat, till he met Henry that is.  He suggested it.  Henry is as busy as Mr 7 is.  A water pistol is in order to keep Henry off the curtain rails.

This week...loving Hip, Hip, Hooray on Melissa and Tamar's blogs.  Want to get some clothes of the kids fixed and continue cleaning down our PC, backing up photos etc from the last couple of years and get on with some photo projects as snapfish has summer sale on.


Mrs Frizz said...

you will have to let me know how you find Snapfish ... I haven't tried anyone on line to print as yet ... still go to HN every now and again!

Another batch of soap ... I'm impressed ... and is it dry yet ...

Mel said...

Your soap looks beautiful. I have yet to find a good recipe - are you happy to share?

Julze said...
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Mrs Frizz said...

where are you ... you need to say hello, well actually you don't need to, but it would be nice ... you know what I mean!

Julze said...

yay for soap making! I love castile soap too and lemongrass would have to be one of my favourite scents!

Many Blessings,