Friday, December 12, 2008

Warm, Fuzzy & Slicing

It was my turn to set the dare at No. 8 Wired. My dare is to put some warm fuzzy stuff into your page...i.e. felt, velvet, flocking.....Give it a go and remember to post a comment to say you have done it and where you have put it for people to see :-) RK & P are sponsoring it with a $20 voucher and a pack of 3 fat quarters which were being saved for kits in the new year (the winner will be very spoilt!).

I did this using a paper bag, peg, some buttons and the blue spotty fabric from RK & P. my fuzz is some felt lettering and some felt circles.

& a digi one using felt circles and a felt bracket thingy - all the elements are from We Are Story Tellers except the journaling page which is by Jessica Sprague.

so give the dare a go and maybe you can enjoy the goodies from RK & P.

Now back to playing with my slice... want some more memory cards for it now...luckily I'll get one with the rebate send in since SBO is a VIP seller and they can pass this bonus onto their customers...
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1 comment:

Jenny said...

A SLice and a Cricut - lucky person! I must say I am also tempted by the Slice