Wednesday, March 12, 2008


all the way to Invercargill we saw gorgeous thick & strongly coloured rainbows... was a game of who can spot the rainbow first... we even saw one finish in Lake Wakatipu near Glenorchy.

Back in the ward, a bit sore, bit nauseus, very hungry, very thirsty!

& just cause I'm a scrapbooker & she's Katya... she posed LOL - gotta love her ability to have fun.

Apparently she had a broken radial head... it needed set under General Anaesthetic...luckily it didn't need the K-wire inserted.
have follow up xray next week... hopfully won't mean a trip to Invers.

She has at least 5 weeks of wearing this cast... we'll see... she's a grub at the best of times & we are having her extremely belated 6th birthday party here on friday.

Lazy boys aren't the best beds
6 people in a 4 bedder hospital room isn't relaxing
I need sleep!

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hannah said...

Uh oh! When did Katya break her arm? Not while you were at Scrap Camp I hope! Wishing a speedy recovery for her and some sleep for you.

Julie said...

Oh wow poor wee sweetie!! But laughing about how we take our cameras everywhere and get the best shots AND our kids know to pose! You should have said you were down Lara, Im just across the road form the hospital - would have loved to have seen you again.
Reading your comment about the guy on the bridge with the red light made me wonder what planet some people are on - they think they can just do as they please!!! Scary stuff!

Vicky said...

Gorgeous photo Lara!!!!!
hugs to miss K :(

Anonymous said...


Donna said...

Oh dear! Nicholas had the heavy cast for 10 days only before he could get the fibreglass one. That was bad enough! They are heavy & as you probably know, everything including clothes becomes a problem!!!!!
Hope it mends well & she's not suffering too much.

Penny said...

beautiful bows! promises...

Hope Miss K is feeling a little better now.

Hospitals are hopeless for sleep.

Angel Gurl said...

wow I love that photo of the rainbow, stunning. Aww at Miss Katya,I bet she will love having the kids sigh a cast though.

tanyaleigh said...

How is Katya doing Lara? Not fair when things like this happen. Love the photo of the rainbow, very cool. Was great to catch up again at camp.

Ali said...

What a great pose, she could teach my one a thing or two! Poor baby and poor you ... no sleep!