Friday, March 24, 2006

Scrap Space

There have been a few discussions about scrap spaces and storage lately. We have a small house for the five of us so my scrap room is also the dining room and the living room with a kitchen in there too. I have taken over the corner around the dining table with my workbench (with a book shelf underneath) - it's made for me (vertically challenged) to stand at. I recently dragged the long shelf in from the carport to put some 'overflow' in & we altered a shelving unit by adding doors and some horizontal shelves in to keep the majority of my bits - it isn't often tidy -as you can see by these pics - but it works for me and means I can scrap and be in the room with my children - I can also keep an eye on dinner (when Jase won't cook or I feel like being a nice wife & moher) while I play!
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Ruth said...

I like your scrap space Lara. Mine too is the dining room table and a couple of shelf type things but it isn't as organized(or tidy) looking as yours lol

Lisa said...

That looks great Lara, do you really scrap standing at your bench or do you grab a chair. My stuff has well & truly taken over my, the only embarrassing part was when I had an office lady last year and she could see how much stuff I, I think she realised I was obsessed to say the least!

Donna said...

Thanks for posting these pics Lara. Have lots of plans but first up, only temp ones as we might shift. My family are resigned to me cooking while painting things on one part of the kitchen bench LOL.

Dianna said...

Thanks for posting those pictures its always good to see how other people work. I have just moved my space to the living area so must post pictures.

Rach H said...

wow its so tidy!!!!
Mines a HUGE mess atm!!!
thanks for sharing.

trina said...

Wow, love to see others scrap areas. It looks great. We've been thinking of moving for a while now, so I keep putting off getting an actual area. Poor hubby gets to eat dinner on his knee most nights as the dining table is under a pile of stuff from the last few LO's. LOL. Its been great seeing what great ideas other people have.

Lara said...

Yes - I prefer to stand Lisa - I use my work bench (top of book shelf) but then often sit to ponder my journaling at the dining table. Sofa's are best for research (aka looking at magazines).

Delys said...

That looks so cool Lara and had to LOL at the others with their messy scrap areas...thats me to a fact I cant scrap when its too tidy!

lianne said...

Great to hear your news about the DT.
Just to answer your question on my blog - I have a new job in a scrapbook shop therefore sadly having to give up KS consultancy.
My scrapspace is so small you couldn't swing a cat in it.
Cool about your camp too. Sounds like it will be heaps of fun.