Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Messy Play

We got the clay out at Playcentre (the dough was sticky & my playdough never works!). It was fantastic (I made a nice pinch pot too). I modelled for Katya how to make pinch pots & she came up with a couple of stunning efforts. While busy creating a mum came with some freshly picked English Lavender - mmm it smelt so nice! We put some into our clay creations along with other natural 'found' materials like shells & drift wood. The concentration that went into this creating was amazing. Katya worked here for at least an hour - Ethan came and went but still put lots of concentration in for an almost three year old boy.
Ethan kind of made a slab in which he made lots of imprints then poked in some different materials including the lavender. He then put another slab on top & declared "sandwich". Our creations are now drying on top of the puppet theatre - maybe we'll put some paint/varnish on them - maybe not - they are a bit fragile as is though & I wouldn't want to put them in a kiln as we don't know how many air bubbles are in there.
A mum brought in some gorgeous cards today as a possible fundraiser for our centre - they were fantastic- she paints pictures on mini canvasses & has had some printed onto cards - most beautiful!
Our centre celebrates 50 years this year - 50 years of Playcentre in Queenstown - how to celebrate this is the question at the moment.
I love Playcentre - I love that I work there, I love that parents get the chance to be there with thier children too & I love that I get to know so many children and adults in our community through my job - I also love that I get to work with my own pre-schoolers and see them as great learners and be able to foster and encourage their interests to extend their understandings and skills.

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Donna said...

Wow, what a creative day. I used to love taking my kids to pre school and seeing them doing things like this. I treasure their little art works from there. Once they go to school it's such a different phase.

Onas said...

I love that you love your job too! The best part is just watching them and appreicating the way the see and do things.
Oh and so envious for the packages 1.5kg to go to my hundy dollars and in about 5 weeks its my b-day too, hmm making wish list already.

Delys said...

I loved playcentre with my kids too..its so relaxed! You lucky thing getting more stash! I love my retro flower punch too...its one of the best investments i ever made! My sister comes by to use it often ...maybe I should charge her rent? lol!
Have fun with your new pp and supplies Lara!