Friday, March 10, 2006


I like coffee a lot! I love Jase bringing me a coffee in bed. I love that it keeps me awake for the many busy moments of my days & I love the texture and taste of a really good cup. I love knowing when the espresso starts coming out of the head of my machine whether it will be a good cup or not & then seeing the mottled crema as it waits for some creamy milk to be added. For a year I had made do with a coffee grinder that didn't really do it's job properly but mum got me a fantastic grinder for my birthday & now I'm almost guaranteed a good cup (part from when I need to clean the machine!).
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Donna said...

There's nothing like a really good coffee, I agree. Lucky you having all the gear! I've taken to drinking green tea at home & saving the coffee for when I'm out!!

Dianna said...

I so agree I want to come and visit right now for a coffee. Last week at church the pastor asked what jobs we would love to do and I called out work at the Bean thats the best place for coffee in the Bay of Plenty I'm sure.

lianne said...

I don't like coffee but sometimes wish I did. the names sound so yummy - long black, epresso, latte, moccachino etc etc.
Cool layouts here too Lara. Love the one with the hand journalling and the photo of the piano. Lucky you getting all that p/p. I want some 3bugs too.

Mel said...

I adore evertything about coffee - the process of making it, checking out the crema, reading reviews of the perfect machine, the grinder my Mum gave us, the smell - everything - except the taste - I don't drink it! I need three teaspoons of sugar to make it palatable so I don't drink it. Darryn is a coffee fiend, though. There's no instant at our place!