Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Feed the baby mum

My wee man is soo nurturing (when he wants to be). He found this 'baby' in his toy barrel, hauled it out and continued to cradle it in his arm. First I was told it was sick & I had to give it some medicine. I played along and got out my imaginary spoon with medicine on. "Baby needs a drink of milk" he says next - well you feed it was my reply - so he did!

This baby was my cabbage patch doll as a child (a boy one) so Ethan's sisters both have girl ones and this has become his. I enjoy seeing him playing along with the girls and on his own as he is here (they wouldn't let him colour at their desks), it's much better than drawing on the walls or throwing golf balls down the hall! Posted by Picasa

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Trina said...

What a precious photo!!!!