Saturday, March 18, 2006

Harvest Festival

We checked out the Harvest Festival at Perigrine Winery in the Gibbston Valley today. Got some fantastic pies from the Waitiri tent - handy when you know the chef! The tamariki had the vennison & in true Lara style I had the rhubarb & berries one (I'm not a great meat fan). Was also able to give some tickets to Kiri & Cal - hope you enjoyed it guys (Jase had some extra's at work). It was a fantastic opportunity for people to experience the wine and produce of this area without too much expence. The highlight for the children was the bouncy castle and a lucky dip - the queues for the face painting were a bit long so we let that slide.

Check out the steri-strip on Katya's right eye - she split it open on Monday afternoon before Alicia's 'meet the teacher' interview - she has a nice bruise on her eyelid too. It's healing really well though and hopefully the strip will be able to come off some time this week.

Daylight savings ending tonight - extra hour in bed -depends on children's waking times! Jase is out with youth group at Moke Lake tonight - hopefully I'll stop feeling so tired (end of a cold) and get some scrapping done. Have some more grandparent photos I want to scrap to submit - whether successful or not - to up2scrap as their submission date is the 20th.

Still waiting to hear about the Scrapbook Outlet Design Team - wonder who it will be? Posted by Picasa


karen said...

Sounds like a great day ... lovely start to your long anniversary weekend.
Let us know when you find out about DT!! Very exciting!

Lisa said...

Seems like you had a good time, Katya looks so cute in that bandana, shame about her eye poor thing. Yeah so much for the sleep-in with day-light saving going back, my kids were up at the crack of dawn! I'm kinda confused about the design team gallery over at scrapbookoutlet are all the entries from the same person? Each pic says Andrea's album, Am I wrong?

Mel said...

An awesome day - I'd love to have been there instead of sick in bed all weekend! Hope Katya's eye heals up soon. She looks like it wasn't holding her back, though!

Donna said...

Ooh those pies sound delicious!!
Nasty injuty. Hope she heals fast - but kids do don't they!
Yep, DT taking an eternity isn't it??