Friday, January 20, 2006

tag you're IT

Karen tagged me!
here goes...
Four Jobs you’ve had in your life:
dairy farm shed hand
registered nurse
primary teacher
early childhood teacher
Movies you would watch over and over:
Shrek 1, Shrek 2, Princess Bride and Monsters Inc. Ice Age.
Places you have lived:
Berwick, Outram, Momoana, Dunedin, Auckland - Glen Eden, Onehunga, Queenstown, Arrowtown.
Places you have been on vacation:
Sydney, Brisbane, Naesby, Glendhu Bay, Mavora Lakes.
Websites you visit daily:
Kiwiscraps forum, many blogs, two peas forum, pride publishing.
Favorite Foods:
blue cheese, quince paste & crusty bread. Chocolate. Coffee.
Places you would rather be right now:
in bed sleeping, Scrapbooking at my work bench!

pass it on...not sure who to yet... watch this space in case it is you!


Delys said...

wow you have really had an interesting work life!!Love all of your answers...You can keep your blue cheese though!!!

Rosey said...

Congrats on the winning entry Lara! =P