Friday, January 27, 2006


Yesterday afternoon we had the pleasure of first listening to this chick tap away at the inside of the egg then see it break free of it's shell. The children and I loved watching this process as well as seeing it dry out and turn into those lovely fluffy things you picture in your mind as you think of chickens. This chicken is a 'wellsummer'. Mum loves raising hens and has them running around the yard - I love seeing them run to the lawn when we call for them with scraps of food - an almost busy waddle. The chick hatched in an incubator - mums Christmas present - it even turns the eggs evenly during the incubation period. This chick is now with a mother hen getting used to hen language and guidance. Posted by Picasa

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Mel said...

Your kids are lucky to see this. We townies don't get his sort of experience too often!