Friday, January 27, 2006

How old will you be?

We asked Katya this and she held up four fingers and said 'four'- not instantly mind you as she very carefully checked her hand to make sure only four fingers were showing before displaying how clever she is. Here Katya is at her first of three birthday treats - this one at Nana's before we left for Dunedin. Later today she's having one at Granny's. Then another on Sunday afternoon! Posted by Picasa


Mel said...

Isn't she cute - and don't they do such cute things. This is one reason I scrap - just to write it down and capture it. They get big so quickly and it's these little things we forget.

Dianna said...

Wow Lara I've been away and you suddenly in to updating your blog thats great heaps to read.

Delys said...

Loved reading your blog Lara! I so wish I had started scrapbooking earlier! Love those moments of discovery too...we have 5 just hatched chicks at the moment but it is not often that you get to see them hatch!
Great for kids to see (and us)