Monday, June 04, 2012

Learning to use a new toy

And there is so much to learn!  Who knew?  On getting a DSLR I decided that I needed to use it in manual.  I haven't used it in full auto.  Mainly using Apperture priority and really love using the 50mm 1.8 lens - cheapest lens but love the depth of field it helps create with photos.  I am also enjoying using 'Light Room' to edit my photos but did use Picasa to create the collages for this post.  With the weather reports...I might get to take some snow photos before the weeks out.

I think people are my key photography subjects.  I think I like trying to capture who they are. e.g. my rather scruffy middle daughter, the pensive oldest and the creative son.  I also enjoyed capturing my nephew and niece...actually got some sparkle in my nephews eyes AKA catchlights.

Scenery and pretty, adore the DOF with the 50mm when looking closely at plant life.  I think I need to do lots of work on good scenery shots.

Exploring DOF with Miss A & a 'thing' she found on the beach.  Looking forward to playing with this some more.  Hopefully I can get home from school in daylight to play...dreams are free.

I am really looking forward to the portrait workshop weekend coming up. Huge thanks to mum & dad who are coming to look after my kids while I head away for the weekend.
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Penny said...

yay for new toys!

Janine said...

enjoy the camera and the weekend away on the workshop. I am looking forward to seeing your work on here.