Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kakanui Portrait Workshop

This weekend I joined 8 other ladies and 1 man for a portrait workshop in Kakanui.  Rachael Kelly shared her expertise in portrait photography and her skills as a professional photographer.  I have lots to learn and lots to process following the weekend - thinking and reflecting, not post processing of photos!  We worked through three different types of portraits - family, engagement and maternity, each had different challenges.  I learned mostly that I need to get to know my camera and the lenses more so I can make it do what I want quickly.

Our first session was with an amazing family at the Kakanui Estuary and beach, bright sunlight and bitterly cold wind challenged us.  Gloves and hats were worn.  I was thankful for my puffer jacket.

Saturday afternoon: engagement shoot.  What a great couple to put up with 10 cameras aimed at them for a couple of hours!  I really enjoyed thinking about the settings and possibities for sites for photographs in this one.  I think if there weren't 10 of us, I would have liked to be able to get closer to our engaged couple.

Sunday's Maternity shoot was my favourite of all of our photography sessions.  I adored the mustard flower field, so bright, fresh and hopeful.  Going into the old Whiskey building we used great big windows as natural light and I love the way this fell on our beautiful subject and her husband.  One year ago to the day they were having their wedding photographs taken.  Happy 1st Anniversary!

For now, I need to work on understanding how my camera and lenses work by taking lots of photos and experimenting and taking note of what I am doing.  I think the hardest part for me would be telling people how to stand and position themselves for the most effective and flattering poses, seems strange for a teacher to not like 'bossing' people around...

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janine said...

Wow what a neat weekend you had, loved looking at the collages. Sounds like some great reflection on your part about what you need to do. Funny, how you found telling them how to stand the hardest part. I think with time it will become more natural. As well as you being at one with your camera so to speak.

BTW thanks for the pattern, I had signed up to the site but on Friday I was only getting the first page. But now I have saved it and could access it all Thanks again.