Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Spring, I mean Winter Cleaning List

Two weeks off...We decided we needed to get the house decluttered & cleaned up so it's easier to keep on top of as we head into the second half of 2010. Not a spring clean but rather a winter one - much nicer to stay inside cleaning in winter than in spring don't you think? Martha Stewart has a very thorough cleaning list and I got this list from Simple Mom blog:

We aren't doing the garage sale thing. Decided it would be much easier to just deliver it to the Salvation Army Store then it's done and hopefully others can benefit from our stuff through the work that they do in our communities.

I still like flylady and dh would love her to come back to her house...I have been keeping the sink cleared but that's about it! Oh, and I want some tupperware to organise our pantry, small pantry, dh is a chef and the stuff just doesn't fit in there very well! But this will be a long term goal as it costs lots. The smell of gingerbread is wafting through our living room (dh making a gingerbread house for midwinter Christmas dinner) and I would love to have tried cutting some of the dough out with a Cricut cake...however...not just yet :-)

Maybe cleaning isn't the best way to spend time off, but it's very satisfying!



Karen L said...

Have fun at your mid year Christmas dinner. We did that several years ago, and it was a wonderful evening, it was very cold, and we had the fireplace lit, with mulled wine and all the winter trimmings of Christmas. So special. Hope yours is too.

Jenny said...

I have done some clearing out and taken stuff to the Sallies. Some for TM. But I've spent more time driving my parents around

Anonymous said...

yes thats what i have been doing but cleaning up my scrapbooking room i have decided i have so much that needs to go a good feeling


Olivia said...

Good luck with your spring cleaning :-)