Monday, July 12, 2010

the humble tea towel

I was looking for some suitable 'boy' fabric for a gift that I planned to sew tonight...and found a tea towel that I could use. Got me thinking...what else can I do with tea-towels? Last year I made one into an apron - just sewed some ribbon along one of the long edges of the tea-towel with some hanging out each side to tie it up. I put this with a bowl, wooden spoon and some cookie cutters as a baking gift.
Tonights project was a art folio - slot for an A5 book and the other side segmented for pens/pencils with ribbons to tie it together - will share photographically in daylight.
on further searching:
I had found a tea towel brush or crayon roll a while ago...but can't seem to find it now.

Do something other than drying the dishes with your tea towels!


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clare's craftroom said...

Yes who wants to dry dishes when we can sew !