Monday, April 06, 2009

Scrap Camp Dunedin

Saturday lunch in the sun on the steps. stunning.
Thanks for a fabulous weekend Carol & Naomi.
Thanks for sitting beside me Naomi & Andrea.
Thanks for being the bestest roomie again Nik.
Andrea - well done on achieving 10...even if I am a hard task master (will Leith let you come again since you did some creating this time?)
Naomi - keep your photos to yourself and leave mine alone.
Sorry about the Sassa Andrea....was just too gorgeous
Julie B - loved watching you work and being inspired by your pages since you sat in front of me :-)

Janine & Beverley - was great to see you both again and all the way from Welly too.

I loved the weekend so trying to put something casually creative tegether to tie in with the opening of Winterfest in Queenstown at the end of June - check out the blog for info.

25 pages, 2 cards, great conversations, minimal sleep, cold shower, hot shower, company, a shop, brilliant.

oh, and Precious Page Kits have our first kits for sale...check the blog!
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angel gurl said...

hey that photo turned out well and my sitting up straight worked a treat lol. Great to see you again Lara. You crack me up I just love your humour and I so need to sit next to you and have your creative mojo rub off on me.

Jenny said...

well done Lara and getting Andrea to scrap too!

Liddy said...

Yes it was awesome so looking forward to the next one that's for sure. Love the photo too.

Twobees said...

Oh it was a fab weekend wasn't it. And so much creating just awesome. Roll on Queenstown :)