Saturday, April 25, 2009

The End of the School Holidays

We spend the last week at Granny & Pa's place at Taieri Beach. Nice to be away. Nice to be away from the internet. Nice to be somewhere else. Nice.

Mum took us on the 'Seasider' train. It goes from Dunedin to Palmerston and back again. With Jases broken leg we got into one of the best carriages- it had a lift thing to get him on & off the train. the kids loved the tunnels (so did I) and on the way back I stayed out of the carriage - we were in the end one on the return journey so I had fun with the camera.

And coming home...these leaves near Cromwell were beautiful, the Poplars were all changing colour and there were some on the ground just waiting to be played in. My three happily obliged.

If you have read this far...well done :-)

I have RAK....but to get it... I want your ideas of what to call my stuff in the previous post....want a name that doesn't have 'scrap' in it and that isn't too girly but kind of says what stuff I sell - notebooks, cards, little photo things and some pencil cases (sewn), canvasses from time to time, everyday stationary - just pretty away with your suggestions and in a week or so if I love one I'll grab it & if not I'll keep thinking but pick one suggestion randomly for the RAK :-)

ok, Lara, do the washing!!!!
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Raewyn aka whinney said...

I've had a very late night so forgive my suggestion... LOL



Twobees said...

It is a fantastic trip on the train and you see everything from such a different perspective too.
Now for a name, for all your bits "n" bobs. What about like you said in your post "just pretty" :)

Jenny said...

We also love the trains. What about "Everyday Stationery"?

Kris said...

Gorgeous photos!

How about

Made with Love



tilly said...

The paper palace full of wonderfull goodies

Anonymous said...

Just to inform viewers that Granny is NOT the one on the right looking out from the seasider pics Lara

Penny said...

Sounds like a neat trip :)

Papery parade
Fabrications of note
Noteworthy fashions

other words to consider:

Anonymous said...

Love those photos Lara esp the leaves one ..gorgeous!
How about
Notation creations
pensandpaper creations
paper perfect

Niella said...

Gorgeous photos to scrap! Love the caravan shot and the beach one...oh, and the one with your children and the I said gorgeous:-)

how about...

Attic of Goodies? I can see it already Lara!

Kim said...

Sweet Stationery - by Lara