Sunday, May 25, 2008


Wahoo, Queenstown has a pool... opens on Sat 31 May... looking forward to doing some lengths on the way home from work...also wondering about the spa's after winter fest opening night for the Creative Inspiration South campers.... Photo above is rubbish as my lens kept steaming up (should have done the put it in a bag thing) but Alicia loves the lazy river!

Now Penny has a 'list' thing going on her blog... for some of her 'eco bags'... loved these last time she had one up for the draw... but I missed out! Happy blog birthday Penny & welcome to the terrible twos...

my list: splendid things
1. a pool for Queenstown
2. planning a weekend of just creating
3. dh vacuuming & mopping the floor
4. my dd finding her sisters poetry book that's been missing for a month
5. the snow capped mountains all around my home with clear skies behind
6. new jammies & slippers for the kids
many, many more things!

so there's a start to my list Penny... do I get in the draw now?

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Penny said...

oh yes - you are in the draw! LOL! Now I better go and sew the things!

Oh - spa on a cold winter nights. Now that is a lovesome thing.

Jenny said...

Great that you have a pool! It's a good place to take the kids in winter

Mel said...

Don't you just hate that fog-up-the-camera-lens thing? How exciting about a pool! Enjoy it

Lesli said...

It looks like someone is having a great time!!! Enjoy the pool!