Thursday, May 25, 2006


My cousin had a baby boy over a month ago! I have created this for her & him - just have to alter a box for it to go in then get it posted!! Loved playing with the Daisy D's stuff & throwing in some BG fibres! Most pages are blank for her to add little pics of her wee man!

Really busy at the moment. This week in particular is really full on & it's taking it's toll. work as usual but had a Te Whaariki (NZ early childhood curriuculum) seminar in Wanaka on Monday & facilitated a course 2 basic communication Playcentre workshop in Clyde on Tuesday night. We had
people over last night, Jase is out to a Playcentre meeting tonight (I might squeeze some scrapping in - cause I'm feeling sever withdrawls!!) and we have our date/video night tomorrow night with Rugby to watch on Saturday evening (so not a rugby fan & will scrap with the hostess but couldn't miss the finals!!). then the week starts all over again.

Plan to do a challenge from twopeas - using my underwear as inspiration - have you seen thunderpants? - love the shapes & patterns & they are oooh sooo comfy! You can get them at some really cool design shops too so I can't be alone in my comfort can I? so watch this space for some thunderpant inspired work!

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Mardi said...

Wow Lara..thanks for the visit.
I cant wait to have more of a look at your beautiful work. Ths baby gift is just gorgeous.

karen said...

Lara, love your baby boy book ... very cute! and lovely quotes!
Thanks for the link to thunderpants. I look forward to your work based on underpants!!

Lisa said...

great work Lara, yeah that Daisyd's Lullabuy collection is gorgeous, have got it in for the shoppe. Their diecut words and alphas look great mounted on chipboard too :) Looking forward to seeing your thunderpants LO's :)