Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eidou Week Two

The ballet photos were perfect for the week two challenge and the lovely papers and elements provided for the competition participants.
Created this layout using the white elements and papers by SG Artworx from Eidou as part of a Week 2 Challenge...also used a clipping mask from Rowena F, button by digifingers in bed of roses kit, white frame by Emily Powers (WST) first hour english kit & creamy lace by Audrey Neal (WST) in history kit. Was a steep learning curve working out how to create .png from .jpg files (making the elements transparent rather than with a white border) and to use the clipping masks in gimp but really like the result despite wanting to give up more than once!

Have just uploaded my layout for this weeks challenge which was to use a Vintage Wedding Kit by Digifingers...and nothing else from any other kits...very interesting...I decided from the outset that my layout wouldn't really be a vintage wedding one though so used the kit to create something NOT vintage :-) had fun. Check out what everyone is doing in the gallery.
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angel gurl said...

oh that is stunning lara I do so like that.......I am off to check out your other layout. I really like what your doing with digi work.

Beverley said...

Yes ... very stunning! And you can use Ro's masks with gimp? Knowing that could just be the key I need to play the digi way.

Penny said...

white on white eh? Looks good!

Kelly said...

Oh yes this is so very stunning!
But you - and now I see Beverley - are talking a foreign language with phrases like "gimp" ... this must be why I just don't *get* PSE yet. And I sooooo want to!!

Lessons please.... lol!!