Monday, January 28, 2008


at the beach! went to Taieri Beach for a few days while the sun was out! Great times! But did have a scary 10 minutes when I lost K just after we got there.... she thought I had gone to the beach so she ran down the track... but I was behind her after getting my phone from the car... by the time I got there she was no where to be seen! She had shot up the wrong track through the tussocks, easily done, but I was worried that she had gone up a track to a not very nice person! I called for her many times in between praying that she would come back safely. a text to mum & she was looking too - Dad went for a drive to see if he could see her too, luckily the track she went up - & was found in tears at a clothesline - belonged to a nice lady who took her out to the roadside to go for a walk to find the crib - mum met them at the gate on her mission to find K too! I was thankful that God answered my prayer and K was safe with me again!
K turns 6 tomorrow!

now isn't this a stunning spot for lunch? Looking up Lake Wakatipu towards Kingston (I think) from Deer Park Heights - where K, a German Lady & I went before heading off to the beach.

I'm really not looking forward to the term break ending :-( The girls have swimming lessons every night this week & next - great for them but a shame we can't get away for another camping trip... maybe the kids & I will head off on our own since J has to work weekends.... hmm, now there's a plan!
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Penny said...

Beautiful beautiful!

I so sympathise on the sickening feeling and frantic praying. Similar thing happened to me... the "what if's" are the worst. Thank God there are still some "safe" people out there.

Might be coming down your way in May :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Miss K!! Hope you had an awesome celebration. Gorgeous beach shot (and I really should pay more attention, considering that beach is about 30 minutes from my house!)

scrapgeek said...

Wow - beautiful pics!

Jenny said...

That's so frightening to "lose" your child and I think all moms/mums have done that one time or another. I recognise that view from Deer Park heights - just beautiful

Hannah said...

My gosh, I have done that before and it is sooooo scary!! Horrible feeling. But I'm glad your story (like mine) had a happy ending! And it sounds like a glorious vacation!!