Monday, April 09, 2007

nzdares & RAK

Ok, recently there was a freestyle related dare on No. 8 wired. One of the layouts to lift was by Nic H..... My lift just couldn't be considered 'freestyle' but I love it just the same. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide Nic.
Now off to create a layout about 'my secrets' LOL. I've decided on one....... later.
I've also decided that I'm going to RAK someone for ideas for the market in the previous post - so leave a comment with your suggestions & maybe a link or two & I'll do a draw, maybe 2... from there after the 21st of April (Market day). TIA.


Julie de Villiers said...

Fair ideas -
exploding albums, card & gift tag sets, door hangers, fudge (mmmm)

I'll keep thinking!

Janine said...

love that cake Lara and the layout. Fair ideas: decorated tins, paint rocks and print words on them like peace or love and joy. or the 4x4 mini canvas-painted background and a word on it. Mini survival kits for expectant mums, new home etc, include items and a list of what the items mean, like a rubberband to show you how flexible you have to be etc.

Chris Millar said...

Love this layout Lara! Hope you're having a lovely Easter!!

What about a sturdy chipboard art work hanger for kindy kids. You decorated the 12x12 chipboard and have the words 'masterpiece' or 'my child's art work' on it and then 2 bulldog clips at the bottom to hang the art work from. Hope I've explained myself!LOL

Erica said...

How about an altered clock.
Altered journal covers. How about clipboards that are made into calendars.

You can tell i'm into altering things at the moment. lol

Penny said...

What a beautiful layout! It's great - the colours just pop. And the cake looks yum!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Lara this is a Gorgeous LO, the BG PP is beautiful against the pink cake.. how sweet!..

when I was doing Markets I used to make two items to go along side my more expensive things,
no.1.. I made Playdough and bagged it up In Clip seal bags sold it at a cheap price,
no.2.. I made small 'dampers' (I hope you know what they are..they are probably a bit Aussie.. but they are a simple yeast free bread I made herb & cheese or plain) pop them in a celo bag and tie with raffia and place in a basket, the men love them! :o)

Raewyn said...

What about making up CARD KITS? Include white cardstock (use the free stuff that comes in page protectors), scraps of patterned paper/cardstock and some punchies. Add some card sketches and simple instructions and some envelopes in a ziplock bag.
The kids could be roped in to cut the punchies out.

Raewyn said...

If you have large pieces of polar fleece you could make no-sew fleece pillows. They are really funky

maybe you could just make the pillow case without the pillow which would make it cheaper.

Raewyn said...

I have been searching the website and there are some cool ideas there that you could make into kits for kids to make up themselves. You know me Lara, I love kits!!! hehe

Raewyn said...
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Raewyn said...

for some reason the link keeps getting cut off, but if you go to and add

/gifts/fleece_tie_pillow.htm on the end you should find the one I mean.

roo said...

Just came across this site - scroll down to the french fries container - too cute.