Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the dart & a cj

Yep - this is kind of how they were on the jet boat too! Katya laughed out lout at the excitement of it all, Ethan went quiet & growly as he got cold & Alicia was kind of 'stoic'! Great scenery despite the rain & cold - would happily do it all over again though (would wear thermals though). My CJ from a recipe Circle Journal swap came back home yesterday & here's a collection of the pages!
I really appreciate all the work & the fantastic recipes in here - Thank You!


Janine said...

wow Lara they look good. The Cj pages that is. Aww the kids look cute too.

karen said...

Too cute! Hope they enjoyed the adventure : love the variety of reactions!!
So I'm guessing that your CJ theme was *chocolate*??? Yummy recipes. Attractive pages.

Anonymous said...

Brrrr they do look a bit cold! :)

CJ pages look awesome! I love seeing what everyone does.

memoryfairy said...

Lara you'll have to give me your CJ dimensions again...I'll make the cake next week & do your page...seriously its the ultimate mud cake ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara, love the CJ recipe what a great idea, and your little snow angle in the previous post how cute.

Twobees said...

What a gorgeous album Lara.
With regards to your previous post, it sure does look like a great scrapcamp. Had to laugh at the photo of all the toothbrushes lined up, :) only a scrapbooker would photograph that LOL.