Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Wee Man is 3!

Ethan's happy birthday started happy! He enjoyed opening gifts & getting ready for his party. He rushed to greet his friends, cousin & grandparents and eagerly awaited their gift giving (he understands this party thing well). Ethan loves Pa's tractor @ the farm so we put a tractor on his cake (sorry it's not a blue one Pa - couldn't find one in time!). Ethan saw the cake, quickly said "happy birthday to Ethan" in a sing songy voice and blew out the candles before removing the tractor and playing with it!
We then sang happy birthday amidst some laughter.

After a bit of party kai Ethan crashed big time, his temp went up (ok it was sunny but not that sunny!!) and he fell asleep on my knee (maybe I still have my baby?). Eventually took him home & he had a low grade fever (37.7 deg celsius), some pamol & a nap & he was a box of fluffies!

Katya has gone to stay with granny & pa for a week and went away in their car back to the farm quite happily. Ethan was a bit put out not to be going (his temp meant he has to stay with mum) but happy to have his sisters bed for the night.

I now have a 3 year old, a 4 year old and a 5 year old!

While celebrating Ethan's birthday a wine tour group came in with a gentleman having his birthday today too - Another April Fools baby but this one was 72 and born after lunch (his mum held on!). His name was James and Ethan's middle name is James too (know it's not an uncommon name but it's quite cute that these two met). Posted by Picasa


karen said...

That is fun to meet someone else who shares your birthday ... even though Ethan may not appreciate it much when he's three.
Hope the rest of the week goes well and that temperature is cured by pamol and sleep.

Donna said...

Happy Birthday to Ethan!!! Hope he's feeling great today. What a lovely venue. Pa will be proud {my dad was a farmer so I understand boys & tractors}!

Rach H said...

Looked like a fun time but poor Ethan not feeling well.
Hopefully today he's sitting back + enjoying his pressies.
You got of light only having to put a tractor on the cake - I had to make a tractor cake!!!!

Becky said...

Sounds like a fun day. Too bad he got sick, but luckily it was after the party!

Ruth said...

Hope your baby comes right soon. But the party sounds like it went well. How cool to meet the 72 year old.

Trina said...

What a fun story to meet someone else who has the same birthday as you. Ok, so he won't remember but you will! Hope hes feeling better.

Mel said...

Happy birthday, Ethan. I laughed at him getting sick (sorry!). On Elliot's first day of school (his 5th birthday) he developed a high temp and tonscilitis and had to have the rest of the week off!

3,4 and 5 wow (and just think of when they are 13,14 and 15 -hmmm!)