Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cricut Design Space

I purchased a Cricut a Explore Air about a year ago.  To offset the cost, I sold my much loved 'Personal Cricut' - one of the originals that I earned partly through doing some altered gumboots for a Scrap shop owner...but that's another story.  I was the one to support people with their Cricut questions via this online shop and forward to now.  I got a Cricut.  YouTube was a great source of info to get me started with Design Space in the absence a physical Cartridge and Keypad.  

I continue to enjoy using it and seeing what it can do.  As I used it at some of our local papercraft sessions, it wasn't long before two of them (group of 5 including me) sourced Cricut Explores too. I used it at a scrapcamp in April, another lady purchased an Explore Air (she dropped in yesterday to give me some extra vinyl she had).  The lady who purchased my personal Cricut is waiting for the delivery of her new Explore Air. One of the Hostess benefits if you have a certain spend is the Cricut Explore Air 2.  A friend and customer had one of these delivered last week.

Feeling kind of responsible for enabling 5 people to get themselves a Cricut Explore Air...I decided it was time to do some process videos that include work in Design Space.  First up is a card template that I had made at a Scrap Camp last weekend - but I had done it on my phone.  The iPhone app and Design Space have many similarities.  With a bit of lateral thinking the tutorial could apply to either way of designing cuts. 

Tutorial finishes at 5.23 for those wanting to skip the Design Space bit.

I hope this is helpful and I have a few ideas of what to cover next. Feel free to share some of your wonderings about the Cricut and Design Space in the never know, your wondering may become a tutorial!

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