Sunday, August 11, 2013

bit of an update

poor wee neglected blog...too much fun doing lots of other stuff!
More time creating than posting & checking other blogs.  With other stuff that makes us busy like family, work and study I find that times to be creative get less.  Over the last year a group of local ladies have met regularly and we create our 'stuff' together each month.  I enjoy the company and creative opportunities these get-togethers provide as well as weekends away to create at camps and retreats.  Anyway, thought I would share a few of the pages I have been creating lately.

 Bottom right 'Kiss' layout won a sketch prize with Artfull Crafts and below is a textured canvas I worked on at our last Queenstown Retreat.

O.K. Maybe I'll pop in & update a bit more...that's a maybe!


Beverley said...

It's nice to read an update from you ... and it looks like you've been sufficiently creative lately, good to see!

Kim Lietze said...

O.K. Maybe I will pop in & stalk a bit more ... that's a maybe!