Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Hundred Walks

Part of 'moving more' this year grew into the idea of 100 walks.  (I'm doing the Big Picture 'Eat Well, Move More, 2012)  Walks are easy because they can be social, they can take you to different places and I can do them with the kids if needed.

I started this at the beach when I was there with my family and since being home have done 3 more...not too bad when I've also included swimming & cycling to the mix of doing some kind of extra moving each day.  I'm now up to 14 'walks'.

My walks don't have to be different walks each time (but it's more fun finding different tracks around the place) but they have to be at absolute minimum at least 1km length.  The Taieri Beach walks were up Akatore Road, along the beach, to the bridge & back as well as a loop that went up the beach and back down the road.  The above pictures relate to some of these walks.

Since being back home I have done a couple of Lake Hayes Estate Loops and found that walking to the Hilton Jetty and back to school is 3k - great for lunch times when I'm not on duty.  Am yet to go the other way along the track and see how far I can go in half an hour and where I get to.

There are some Dunedin Walks I'm keen on doing some time...
Taieri River Track
Tunnell Beach
The Organ Pipes (can you still go there?)
And quite a few of the beaches I went to as a kid with Gran e.g.Victory Beach, Flagstaff, Bethunes Gully.

As well as quite a few Central Otago ones.

86 walks to go.

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Janine said...

what a neat class, love the concept of the 100 walks. Great idea.....have fun discovering new tracks, walking some familiar ones and enjoying the process of moving.