Sunday, December 04, 2011

the week that was

I have enjoyed duty on the 'lake front'. This week we discussed how the many honey bees on the clover turn the pollen into honey for our toast
I really really enjoyed a Jimmy's mince & cheese pie straight from Jimmy's in Roxburgh
Spent a couple of nights at the beach house while others looked after my kids so I could support Jase with some minor surgery
Got some strawberries from my fave little fruit store just out of Roxburgh - actually, I quite like Roxburgh, my fave second hand shop is there too!
Hosted a birthday party for 9 x 9 - 11 year olds - a camp out, they loved watching Jase make pizza

This week is looking just as busy. Hope I can take lots of photos along the way to 'trap' what was going on, quite easy when I can just use the phone.
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Michelle McArthur said...

Yummy! Jimmy's mince and cheese pies fresh from the shop are the best! Looking forward to popping in there next Friday on my way thru to Central for the holidays!