Sunday, November 21, 2010

take some white powders...

some essential oils, a couple of bowls a spoon and a fabulous tutor and the result is some delightful smelling talcs, bath salts, bath teas and milk bath.  I have just finished making another batch of the powder and trying to coax my kids into the bath to try out a bath salt mix I made at the Queenstown Scrap Retreat this weekend!  Loving the smell of rose and lavender permeating our living room.

I am making a list of the products I want to make some more of these for gifts for Christmas.

As well as the great company, laughs (assisted by some you-tube videos), meals cooked by Nik and time out from the normal routines I did get some cards made and some mini album pages completed too.  I also enjoyed sharing a reverse canvas idea with some of the ladies at the retreat (will upload photos eventually...).

Plans are under way for a retreat in Pukerau next March-ish as well as Winter Fest Retreat in June and another pre-Christmas crop in November  at Lakeland Park, Queenstown.


Penny said...

sounds like it went well! Glad you all had fun :)

Janine said...

Glad you enjoyed it Lara. I am playing catch up today with unpacking etc. But give me a day and I will email you the info on yellow clay. Thanks for the wnderful weekend and company and I am so keen to make those canvases now.

Mrs Frizz said...

It truly was a brilliant weekend away ... I got home absolutely exhausted, but in saying that I had recharged my batteries at the same time ... if that makes sense!

Thank you for an awesome weekend.