Tuesday, May 05, 2009


the more I think about it...the more I really like paraFUNalia for a name. might add 'made by lara' in there too...
Raewyn can you flick me your snail mail addy so I can get a RAK off to you:-)

I'll also do a random draw from the other suggestions either later this week or in the weekend for another RAK.

Yay, get to play with Logo ideas now. FUN.

DH's broken leg...remains unusable...not allowed to weightbear...but can now bend it to right angles and he gets to start physio...med cert for another 8 weeks, I was hoping he'd be allowed to drive. No such luck.

Keep Smiling.
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Niella said...

hey, such a cool name! how about adding laraFUNalia!

kiwimich said...

Poor hubby! He will be sick of sicking round by now - how frustrating!
Cool books!

Penny said...

Ick - I hope his leg responds well to the physio.

Raewyn aka whinney said...

oh Lara, so glad you liked my little play on words for your venture.

Will email you with my snail addy.

I hope you have got Jase organised to cook even with his gammy leg. LOL Roll on physio!


Jenny said...

Fun name. Sorry hubby is still laid up

Katepai said...

How long ago did your husband break his leg?? My husband broke his in December 07 and it took a year to get better with extra surgery. Didn't work for a long time nearly 9 -10 months. Hope that he comes right soon!!!


Lara said...

7 weeks ago today he broke it. your story doesn't sound so good either! Everything is where it should be but bits of the bone aren't filling in where they should and the surgery was 'rough' so he will develop arthritis in that knee very early.