Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jase Jumping

not base jumping!
The result of falling 8 - 9 metres from a flying marquee, mary poppins style is a dislocated knee and a femoral condial fracture...rather messy and painful. Almost as painful was the three day wait for acute surgery and the Nil By Mouth each of those days until dinner time...how is a man meant to heal with no nutrition (what he got to eat when he did wasn't really nutritional either), sharing a 4 bedder room and only being allowed visitors between 2 & 8 pm...even one of the other patients had difficulty getting back into the ward with the receptionist telling her off for being in outside visiting hours...till the patient told her she was an 'inmate' and flashed her id bracelet! Really appreciative of the support we received from my mum who looked after the kids (met us in Invervegas when I got there in my car - Jase was in the ambulance), from Leith and Andrea who gave me a bed to sleep on each night, Barbara for feeding the cat and hens and the Waitiri Team who carried on with the Gibbston Harvest Festival in Jase's absence! Thank You.

We also had offers of help from lots of others, thank you also.

I am acutely aware of why I decided nursing wasn't for me after I'd completed my degree and registration.

On more interesting notes - do you like creme eggs? Well, at Andrea's, they have this lolly truck....and apparently she is going to be giving stuff away (and apparently not just chocolate) this coming Friday - to be announced in the forum of Scrapbook Outlet.... so make sure you are registered in the forum so you can discover just what is happening...I don't know either....intriguing!
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angel gurl said...

Wow Jase, thats a styley way to get some time off work aka Mary Poppins style. Glad to hear you are recovering.

Lara, what a few days it must have been for you. Sounds like you had some awesome support.

Twobees said...

Heres hopeing that Jase has a quick recovery.

Beverley said...


Jenny said...

Oh dear - not a nice event. HOpe Jase is getting better and you can all get back to normal

Donna said...

Ooouuuuccchhh! Nasty! He will need lots of TLC! Hope you all recover quick.

Hannah said...

It all sounds SO painful and stressful, I am glad that you have had so much support & help. And I hope that Jase heals quickly and is a GOOD patient for you, Lara!!

Penny said...

Ow ow ow
I hope the healing goes well, and I know he'll get nutritionally well attended to ;)

Audio books might be something to look at getting out from the library to make a change from other sorts of entertainment.

Sally said...

Tahi looks like he is having a good time though!