Wednesday, March 19, 2008


is coming!
the trees all the way to school are changing...soon the leaves will be like the above photo of Waitiri last year!

check out the Scrap of Faith blog.

I got a gorgeous thank you card & some wee goodies from one of our Scrap Retreaters today - such a lovely surprise in my mailbox - Thank You!

Have been busy with MM 5th Avenue and the March Kit this week. Been fun doing some more creating.

It's Playcentre Awareness Week this week (finishes tomorrow just in time for the 5 day weekend) and we have been doing 'green stuff' as the focus is "Small steps to effect change". fun times at Queenstown Playcentre!

Have you been making Hot Cross Buns? Feeling the need to so looking out for some great recipes, love their smell as they cook, mmmm.



Penny said...

Oh dear - DH was looking over my shoulder at that picture and began his "Everyone lives in more photographically interesting places except me" song. LOL!

Angel Gurl said...

Love the photo above. No signs of autumn leaves here yet. I have to admit I buy buns now, made them once and after all that I found I missed eating store bought ones. Hope your easter is going well. BTW I now own a zoobaloo cartridge.

Diane said...

Love the photo of the church in the autumn leaves. I love autumn too.