Sunday, October 01, 2006

Some Scrapping

Jase took this pic on a walk with the youngest two! This was done as part of a challenge at the Scrapbook Outlet's Cyber crop on Friday night - thanks for the challenge Lianne - we had to use '4' in it somewhere - whether the number or the amount of an item we put on it. We had to use red & we had to use paint!
I put this up as an example of using chipboard for the SBO crop on Friday night. We sing this 'finger play' at Playcentre at the end of sessions. Perfect for the photo!
This layout I did for the Scrapbook Creations 'my space' competition. I didn't win - hence I'm sharing it here LOL but my letter said I was in the top 20 of hundreds of entries, so I'll be happy with that :-)
I've also been working on my Scrapbook Outlet DT work for September (watch out for the newsletter next weekend....) & working on some cj entries. I have an ATC or 7 to make soon - have been procrastinating over this one as well as some FR cards - again, been putting them off - I'm such a scrapper LOL!

Ethan got his stitches out on Friday. Wasn't too keen on the nurse getting near his head though! He now has a big white patch that we are to leave on as long as possible as the nurse said 'he's a very active boy & we wouldn't want him to bump it again so soon'. She put the stitches on some paper & taped them on - i didn't ask her too -do non-scrappers collect this kind of stuff too? Along the 'active' vein...The Plunket nurse wrote of Ethan on Friday lunch time: "Ethan bright, active, happy, playful, talkative. with the 'active' underlined LOL.

Feel the need to scrap some more, so off to play! Posted by Picasa


Twobees said...

Awesome layouts Lara. Sorry you missed out on the scrapbook creations "my space" comp. Love the whole feel of the layout IYKWIM. Have you been getting my emails?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara, OK I didn't stay away for long, love all your layouts, just gorgeous, my fav is Posers just lovely. I am sorry you missed out on SC too, but I hope you have a lovely week Lara.

Best Wishes

Dianna said...

Beautiful layouts Lara esp the walk with Dad.

Janine said...

love them Lara. Some great work there. Love the "my space" layout. BY the way congrats on making the UP2Scrap Design team.

Chris Millar said...

Lovely layouts Lara. I just followed a link from Yolande's blog to yours so I'm thinking that a huge congrats is in order!!!

Delys said...

Woohoo on the up2scrap team! good on you Lara Im so proud of you girl!

Penny said...

Congratulations Lara!

I'm impressed at how many buttons you managed to get on that layout! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Love these layouts...especially the 'scrappy space' one. Too cute! :)