Tuesday, August 15, 2006

my bike

I last had a bike when @ Primary School - $100 was taken from my bank account to put towards it.

I now have a bike - I don't have to walk the river track, I can now bike it!

Shelly, a mum from Playcentre had it as an extra (she'd found it @ the dump) as she'd just got herself a new one - she gave it to me!! Thanks Shelly.

What does having a bike mean?
-regular bike rides
-having to buy a bike helmet
-maybe do the Special K duathlon next year???
-getting fitter (provided I ride it)
-that I have a bike!

OK, need to send some pics to digital max.

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karen said...

so cool! having your own bike is just awesome!!

Ruth said...

good score with the bike - good luck with the fitness