Tuesday, February 21, 2006

garden harvest

I love finding things in the garden! This kind of natural foods just tastes better when you pick it yourself! We've been tidying up the garden ready for Autumn and we gathered some plums & were pleasantly surprised to find green gage plums and wild blackberries too! Jase also picked some crab apples which may eventually become a jelly! The neighbouts quinces are growing nicely too & we will ask them if they are happy to share some again this year - I love quince paste with blue cheese! Another rhubarb cutting is in store too - rhubarb shortcake - yum! Posted by Picasa


karen said...

Yum fresh fruit from the garden.
We have a rhubarb plant (rhubarb garden!) too - I did have a vege garden but Ken decided to extend the house (verandah/ outside 'room') over my carefully tended garden, and the only plant he thought worth moving was the rhubarb!!

Mel said...

Isn't that photo just great? We have tomatos, letttuces, spinach, heaps of herbs, lemons and plums in our back yeard at present and that's it. I was hoping to get Elliot to eat more fresh stuff by growing them - hasn't worked - but it is lovely picking something fresh

Evana said...

Oh yum! That pic is making this preggy chick hungry! They look super yummy! Thanks for the comments on my layout in the latest mag. They were pics that belonged to a special friend so it was nice to do that for her.

Keep those fruit yummies coming.


Becky said...

That fresh fruit looks delish!! IT's winter here, so my mouth is watering!!!